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Photo of busy cooks in a Friends kitchen

Stories from the kitchen...

Check out this link to watch our staff at work and listen to an interview with one of our former trainees…

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Hear from our former trainees…

Shannon, a former Friends trainee

On the road to becoming an Electrician!

Shannon graduated from our program and went on to specialize in pastry-making at a small professional bakery.

Shannon took her experiences and decided to move into an area of study that has always been of interest to her and was recently accepted into an Electrician Apprenticeship program at Centennial College. We know she will be successful there

- Congratulations Shannon!

Mitra, a Friends success story

Difficult at the beginning…

“When I first came to Canada, everything was new for me and I didn’t know how and where to start. I found it difficult because everybody was asking for references and experience and those first days were really disappointing. I also felt unfamiliar with workplace culture here and this gave me a feeling of not being confident."

Lessons learned…

"After I started working at Friends Catering, my feelings changed little by little. Here I felt like people were friendlier towards me and it gave me confidence to be part of a group. I have also learned many things here, like how to make tuna salads, fruit salads and how to use different kitchen utensils."

A new start…

"Working in this company helped me to gain good experiences and also gain new friends, which is also important for me. I believe having good friends is a life-saver and it gives me energy to keep on working.”

- Mitra

Sergio, a Friends employee

Team work and Communication:

“Working at Friends Catering is one of the most rewarding and life-altering periods in my life. In the short time that I have worked here, I learned that no job or career is menial and insignificant. Every job or career plays an integral part in running a functional society. Most importantly, I have learned the value of teamwork, communication and time management.”

Always a path back…

“At first when I was learning to cut potatoes the same size, I would stress over it, because each time I would get it wrong,” says Sergio. “But then Chef would help fix it, and it helped me see that there’s always a path back, no matter where you are in life.”

Momentum to move ahead…

“Before I was working for Friends Catering, I struggled with depression and didn’t see the need to get up or to have a goal in life. But working at Friends Catering feels good because we’re a really small staff and we rely on each other. We have to be dependable and it feels good to be needed, so I have a reason to get up. And through this job, I’ve got some momentum going to keep trying to move ahead. Before, I thought I could never go back to school, but it's working in the kitchen that helped me realize that you have to work hard to achieve results.”

- Sergio

Aamadou, a Friends success story

“During my employment, I have learned many skills that I would be able to take with me on my new work ventures. One of those important skills was time management. I learned how to be efficient and quick in my job duties and I also learned how to be professional in my work environment. I also had the opportunity to meet new people and the job gave me the opportunity to improve on my English language skills.

Thank you for taking the time in helping me revise my resume. With your continued support I was offered 3 job opportunities during my job search!!! I was so surprised; I was not sure which job I should take!! I would definitely recommend Friends Catering to anyone who is looking to gain more work experience in the food and beverage industry. I believe that nothing is impossible! If you are willing to work hard, you can make your dreams a reality! I am on my way to fulfilling those dreams!!

- Aamadou


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